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Could Individuals, Writers, Small Business, and Advertisers Work in Clockwork-Like Harmony?

Before the Corona Virus began pushing people out of work and scaring the living daylights out of everybody, We noticed that too many people were struggling to get by. We also noticed that 300 billion dollars was being spent on two companies that don’t seem to have our best interests in mind. 

Inspired by the Low-Income Housing Industry, we devised an idea to help writers. Writers, Vendors, Advertisers, and Us all working together like clockwork simply by working towards each of our interests and goals.

Our Concept

Writers, Bloggers, or Journalists provide an Important Service, Yet they are woefully underpaid. Meanwhile Advertising grows by tens of billions each year. 

  • Writers write a blogpost
  • If an Advertisement gets placed We give them the revenue, during the current outbreak and in some cases, we pay them 100 percent of it.
  • Writers get an affiliate link to share with pertinent businesses to sell advertisements.
  • Affiliates can sell any ad spots for a 25 percent commission.
  • Each blog post has Potentially thousands in earning potential. 4-5 ads a page, 24 rotating, geo-targeted spots within each spot 5 spots, 24 ads in each spot, sold at $30 – 900 dollars a spot. You do the math. 
  • Vendors sell products, we take a small percentage of that, roughly 5 percent to cover costs, and split the remainder with the writers.
  • Vendors can also write blog posts and be included in that revenue share.
  • Vendors can also be affiliates.
  • By outsourcing our ad sales, using ad networks as a back up and by using commission from vendor sales to help support writers, we limit our costs.
  • Advertisers benefit by delivering their advertising budgets directly to writers, who now have an increased level of income and are more likely to spread positive word of mouth or even purchase from the advertiser. 
  • We make money by selling ad space on the profiles, our own blog posts, and on the home pages. 
  • If any is left over at the end of the year, we split it up and treat content submissions similarly to stock in a company and distribute it out to contributors. 


Phone: + 1 253-230-6526
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